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We at Keystone Insurance Services, Inc. work hard to always remain in contact with our clients through various venues. This webpage is one more way to educate our visitors and clients, ensuring they remain up-to-date on practical issues that touch their lives and could impact their coverages. We update this page frequently as issues become important for our clients and the community we serve.

Select from the following for tips and issues you cannot afford to miss:

  • Effective in 2010, one of the changes that took place with the passage of the health reform bill was the no dollar amount lifetime benefit limit. Also, now you are able to cover your dependents, age 26 or younger, on your policy.

  • Did you know that your membership in a neighborhood association could increase your exposure for financial loss? When damages to common property occur, associations can usually assess members for incurred losses, including any liability that may arise. These losses could range from a damaged gate at a property entrance to an injured child on a neighborhood playground. Ask us how you can protect yourself against these types of losses.

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